Greetings, Fall. We Missed You.

Fall is among us, friends. I cannot begin to explain the thrill of wind blowing, the dog barking, and a husband working hard to make our yard pretty. 

Last night, I came home to Chester, springing about the place as most dogs do when the weather turns just the slightest bit of crisp. All that dog needs is the ability to patrol a stretch of ground, unleashed, and a good stick to chew. 

Matt was sweeping off the deck, burning scraps from our yard trimmings a few weeks ago, and tidying up the standing space below the deck.  The previous homeowners left a ton of stuff (which we have gladly adopted like ladders and yard tools and Matt's personal favorite, a table saw) but when we added our own things, we started to push some of the other items outside....which led to our backyard looking more like a junk yard than anything else.

Now with a cleaner outdoor space, I feel like the backyard is slowly becoming more manageable. We have lots of projects we want to accomplish. We want to clear out all the garden boxes which are a complete mess, and hopefully not kill the fig tree we purchased a few weeks ago. 

I love the creeping, flowering vines throughout the property, and sometimes, I like the fact that I don't know if a plant was intentional or not. It makes the yard feel like a fairy garden, unknown and mysterious. I'm pretty much in the dark about nearly every plant out there. Even if I know the name of it, I haven't the slightest clue how to care for it. It seems that every week, there's a surprise. A pretty flower blooms out of nowhere, or a plant I thought was a weed produces the prettiest little berries, or whoa...where did that magnolia tree come from?

Now, things are neatly placed under the deck. Matt plans to get some hooks to install on the wall to hang the ladders and other tools so we have even more floor space under there. He also cleared away the monster tomato bushes growing from the Earth Boxes my mother gifted us. The bushes weren't yielding enough fruit to make them worth keeping. Once cleared away,  I couldn't believe how big the deck looked. All we need now is a table for the autumn dinner parties I've been dreaming up.

And the dreaming that I've been allowing myself to do is a small indicator of the healing that is beginning to take place within me after the burglary we experienced at the beginning of the month. It's these little things that remind me I have a life to live, a family to love, and a future to cultivate. 


  1. Hi Christina!

    First of all, I am so glad that you introduced yourself over at my blog! I am in love with your eye for photography and the warmth you capture in each photo. I'm also in love with your adorable puppy (is it a herding dog mix?), your writing voice and its authenticity, and the little home quote you wrote in your sidebar.

    So basically, I'm in love with your blog.

    That's not too weird is it? :)

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of it! I just read a few posts and am so sorry that your home was broken into! That's terrible--but I'm glad it seems like you have such a great support network!

    p.s. I left a reply to you on my blog, but I thought I should tell you that I think you might be a no-reply blogger. Changing your Blogger profile to Google Plus seems to do that for some people. :)

    1. I think I was so excited to receive your comment in my inbox, I forgot to reply in the comments first!

      you mentioned your family has a border collie mix as well. I hope you'll share photos :)


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