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In 2007, I was half way through college, trying to make a long distance relationship work, and volunteering in an inner-city elementary school using creative writing techniques to help prep 4th graders for standardized testing.

In 2007, Etsy was just two years old and that's when I discovered Sarah Blank and her blog, and well, I've been following her ever since because her art, her words, her lifestyle were little glimpses of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live. I was loving college, but I wanted something more wild, more free, more simplified.

And now, six years later, I'm still wishing I was Sarah Blank. I've carried this little print (pictured at the top of this post) with me from apartment to apartment, house to house since the year I bought it, and it serves as a small reminder of all the littlest dreams still somewhere beneath the life I'm living.

But it's also a reminder of who I was six years ago, and in the same moment it speaks of my desire for travel and to live in a cottage by the sea, it also tunes in to the wall it hung on before all the others.

If you like rainy days and brown paper packages, antique lace and folklore, adventures and lockets, then Sarah Blank's art should adorn every wall in your house. In addition to her lovely art, her blog is a collection of wanderings, trinkets, snapshots of her inspirations, and glimpses of her current projects. Visit her Shop here | Visit her Blog here


  1. oh my goodness - that is beautiful art. she is INCREDIBLY talented!
    i'm with you - certain art (and artists) speak to me. we have tons of art galleries in Charleston and my favorite is the Robert Lange Studios...they hold a lot of art from one of my favorite artists Adam Hall. (adams work: and amy lind ( amy's work:

    1. I just love the detail and imagination represented in her work. The print with the woman holding the swan -- I'm kicking myself for not purchasing it when it was in her shop. It's one of my favorites and reminds me of one of my favorite novels, The Joy Luck Club.

      Her style also reminds me of another book, childhood favorite of mine: Catherine, Called Birdy. The original cover art is very similar.

      The Amy Lind work --- beautiful. I'm now obsessed with her too :)

  2. It oh my goodness you are way too kind!!!! Thanks so much for featuring me here:). I'm glad you still love the print, it looks great with the arrangement of treasures! I love the frame too ( I think I have the same one). You have inspired me to paint( and blog) once again:)

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you feel inspired! Thanks so much for commenting and for doing what you do! :) Your art work always makes for wonderful conversations every time a visitor looks at it in my home! :)


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