DIY Book Page Art - How to Print on Book Pages

Did you know you can print on book pages? It's rather easy. You just need access to a printer, a graphic of your choosing, and book pages. I've put together this step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process. When you're done? Frame it for a great gift or practically free wall art in your own home!

DIY Book Page Wall Art - How to Print on Book Pages
I love a good gallery wall, don't you? Whether we own our house or are renting an apartment, I always have at least one gallery wall going on which means I need a lot of unique wall decor to mix and match depending on the layout and needs of a room.

how to make book page art prints

A couple of years ago, I made these quick book page art pieces to fill in a few gaps for a gallery wall and they've been such an easy, neutral addition to any room.

This project is SO EASY. No need for photoshop. You can do this DIY project in Microsoft Word for the cost of some printer ink, a picture frame, and a few ripped book pages.

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Materials for Printing on Book Pages:

  • MS Word or equivalent
  • Book pages you don't mind ripping out
  • Graphic File to Print
  • Access to a Printer and ink
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • Picture Frames to display your book page art

Step 1: Select and Prepare Your Book Pages

How to Print on Book Pages Tutorial

Rip your book pages, clean up any jagged/shredded edges.

Measure + make note of the page's width and height. This page measured 4.5" x 8"

Step 2: Find Images for Your Book Page Art

There's tons of resources out there. A favorite place of mine for cool, vintage graphics is The Graphics Fairy. I haven't tested this project out with color images, so I stick with clean black and white graphics. I'll be using this teapot image I found awhile ago from The Graphics Fairy. I can't find the original file on her site, but if you do a simple "tea pot" search, a ton of wonderful graphics will pop up!

Save your image to your computer.

Step 3: Format Your Image in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, open a blank document and go to File >> Page Set Up and under the "paper size" drop down, select "Manage Custom Sizes."

How to Print on Book Pages Tutorial

Add your book page's dimensions and set margins to zero. This helps to reduce border clipping. 

Insert your image into the document. To position it where you want, right click on your image, mouse over 'wrap text' and select 'through.' Now you can arrange your image where ever you'd like.

Step 4: Print Your Book Pages!

Ok! Let's print some book page art! Go to File >> Print. Make sure the image bounding box is within the document or you might get some of the image clipped off. 

To ensure your whole image will print on the document, select "paper handling" in your printing dialog box (usually defaults to copies & pages). Check "Scale to Fit Paper Size."

How to Print on Book Pages Tutorial

Click Print!

Word of Caution: Test your art on a regular piece of paper cut down to the same dimensions as your book page to make sure your image is positioned on the paper correctly. Also notice how your printer releases the page. If your printer spits the page out upside down, you'll need to load your book pages with the words upside down.

Printing on Book Pages - DIY Book Page Art

A Note on Ripping Book Pages:

Pick a book that is not sentimental or buy a copy of a sentimental book if you are choosing book pages that symbolize something important to you. This is so important you guys. As a book lover, I found it extremely hard to bring myself to the point of ripping a page out of a book. I probably spent hours trying to find a book in my house that was interesting yet meaningless to me.

DIY Book Page Wall Art - easy tutorial using MS Word

I settled on this little abridged version of the King Arthur tales that I had to pick up for a general education class in college.

King Arthur and his knights have been written about in much finer ways, so I convinced myself this little book wouldn't be missed.

Then I ripped with reckless abandon.

If you decide to pursue this project, leave a comment below and let me know which book you picked! I'd love to see your results!

A Little Overwhelmed? 

Here's some great book page art on Etsy already done for you!

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DIY Book Page Art - How to Print on Book Pages - really easy tutorial using MS Word

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