Pumpkin Patch Express in Durham NC

We are sitting on the Pumpkin Patch Express, children all around us "choo-choo-ing" and chattering excitedly. I lean my head on Matt's shoulder and close my eyes as Anna wraps her little hand around my fingers.

Our trip to the museum of life and science in Durham NC

Speeding through the wooded terrain of the Museum of Life and Science, I feel whole and at home with my little family, all squished in this tiny train car, quiet and observant and at peace with one another.

Visiting the pumpkin patch at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham NC

Before I was a mother, I remember thinking things like this were more for the children than the adults. I didn't realize how strong the feeling of joy would be in seeing my own child delight in something.

And Anna will find a way to delight in anything. We call her the Joy Bringer for her smiles are like little secret treasures that make you feel like you're her most favorite person in the world.

I repeat the words, "My little family," in my mind over and over, relishing this moment. I squeeze Matt's arm and he presses in closer. We both sneak little kisses on Anna's cheeks, and she pats our hands and happily babbles in response.

As long as these two are beside me, I am always at home.

Watching the farm animals at the musuem of life and science in Durham NC

Looking for things to do in Durham this Fall? 

Updated for 2019: The Pumpkin Patch Express is running every weekend in October. Tickets are $15/person and you can reserve your ticket + time slot here. You will also need to purchase general admission tickets at the door for $20/person. Children under 2 are free!

The ticket prices can add up, but honestly, this museum was so well done, and we didn't even get to explore the indoor exhibits! The outdoor section was so perfect for Anna and we really felt like we got our money's worth from all the outdoor exhibits there. From the barnyard with farm animals to the woodland habitat with red wolves, Anna was beside herself with excitement and we were thoroughly impressed.

Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC

There's plenty for older children to do as well: tree houses to climb and dinosaur trails to explore it's one massive and beautiful playground.

Participants in the Pumpkin Patch Express also get to take home one pumpkin per ticket holder. You can also decorate your pumpkin there if you choose (no carving, just stickers and other crafty items), and play a few fall themed games. Anna enjoyed banging around the candy corn bowling pins. :)

Pumpkin Patch Express at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC

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